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A new build of Mon Montréal Traffic MMT has been submitted to App Store, the new update will include camera direction and auto rotate and resize of the traffic camera screen. Expect the new update to be available in a week from today, pending App Store approval.

MTT 1.1 has been submitted to the App Store, this is a minor release just to resolve a swiping bug and add camera direction to the camera title.

here is a list of changes in 1.1

– Added camera direction to camera name
NB, SB, EB, WB for looking North bound, South, East or West bound.

– Reduced application data size.

– Fixed swiping back and forth too fast could display the wrong camera.

– Added missing camera names to Ottawa 417.

MTT App is very easy to use; the App provide three tab page – can be accessed via the tab control located at the bottom of your iPhone screen.

Cameras: This screen provide access to all traffic cameras of GTA major roads, select a major road to drill down and display the traffic cameras for the selected road. Next to each Camera road there a small star shaped image; clicking the star image will mark the camera as “favorite”; list of favorite cameras are listed under the “My Cameras” screen.

My Cameras: This screen will list all cameras marked as ‘favorite’; the order of cameras can be changed by selecting Edit – top right corner button – then simply drag and move up or down to order the cameras list. To delete a camera; in the ‘My Cameras’ screen swipe one finger horizontally to activate the delete button, or select edit button then hit the delete button, don’t worry if you favorite camera is deleted; you can always go add it back via the ‘Cameras’ screen.

Traffic Flow: This screen will provide a visual traffic flow for major road in GTA highway 401, QEW, Lakeshore and Gardiner Expressway.

Traffic Flow legend.

Moving Well (75 km/h and above)

Moving Slowly (40 to 75 km/h)

Very Slow (less than 40 km/h)

Information is Unavailable

You might notice that some Cameras have one of the following two letters appended to the Camera Title NB, SB, WB, or EB

WB means looking west; NB means looking north, SB is looking south and EB is looking east.

We are adding the camera direction to the cameras, it’s a slow process since we have to confirm the direction, however in general most of 401 Cameras are looking east.

Great news, an affordable way to access road traffic cameras and traffic flow maps on your iPhone App for Toronto area is available on the iTune store

Below are few screen shots of the Traffic App. (pending approval by iTune store)

Some of the major road supported are shown

Tag favorite traffic cameras

Edit/Delete favorite cameras

Camera view

Full screen mode

Full screen mode

MTT My Toronto Traffic iPhone App has been submitted to the iTune store for approval.

You will be able to access and track Greater Toronto Area road traffic flow and cameras for an introductory price of $0.99