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MTT App is very easy to use; the App provide three tab page – can be accessed via the tab control located at the bottom of your iPhone screen.

Cameras: This screen provide access to all traffic cameras of GTA major roads, select a major road to drill down and display the traffic cameras for the selected road. Next to each Camera road there a small star shaped image; clicking the star image will mark the camera as “favorite”; list of favorite cameras are listed under the “My Cameras” screen.

My Cameras: This screen will list all cameras marked as ‘favorite’; the order of cameras can be changed by selecting Edit – top right corner button – then simply drag and move up or down to order the cameras list. To delete a camera; in the ‘My Cameras’ screen swipe one finger horizontally to activate the delete button, or select edit button then hit the delete button, don’t worry if you favorite camera is deleted; you can always go add it back via the ‘Cameras’ screen.

Traffic Flow: This screen will provide a visual traffic flow for major road in GTA highway 401, QEW, Lakeshore and Gardiner Expressway.

Traffic Flow legend.

Moving Well (75 km/h and above)

Moving Slowly (40 to 75 km/h)

Very Slow (less than 40 km/h)

Information is Unavailable

You might notice that some Cameras have one of the following two letters appended to the Camera Title NB, SB, WB, or EB

WB means looking west; NB means looking north, SB is looking south and EB is looking east.

We are adding the camera direction to the cameras, it’s a slow process since we have to confirm the direction, however in general most of 401 Cameras are looking east.